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Dr. Bronner's  Flüssigseife Mandel 475 ml

Dr. Bronner's Flüssigseife Mandel 475ml

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Content: 0.475 Liter (€35.77 * / 1 Liter)

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So Fresh, So Almond! Besides the wonderful warmth that almond fragrance is known for, the scent... more

So Fresh, So Almond!

Besides the wonderful warmth that almond fragrance is known for, the scent is also very fresh and spicy, almost like marzipan without sugar. With a composition of organic coconut, olive, palm kernel, hemp, and jojoba oils as the base recipe, the addition of natural almond aroma in this soap provides a nourishing and fragrant experience that captivates with a unique blend of softness and vitality. Because sweetness is for everyone...

Liquid soap with raw materials sourced from Fairtrade projects with small-scale farmers practicing organic and/or biodynamic cultivation. The precious oils in the soap are already saponified and create a fine, velvety foam when in contact with water. Just a few drops of soap are needed to achieve this, making the product very economical. Moreover, it is free from foaming agents, PEG, and parabens. After use, your skin will not only feel clean but also nourished due to its moisturizing ingredients. The soap is scented with natural almond aroma. In line with the "All-One" principle, it not only protects the producers of the raw materials but also the environment, along with its flora and fauna. That's why all Dr. Bronner's soaps are 100% biodegradable, and even the product containers are made from recycled materials.


Dr. Bronner's soap can do more than just wash hands! Here are the 18 different applications: • Shampoo/Travel Shampoo • Facial Cleanser • Toothpaste • Mouthwash • Wet Shaving (Shaving Soap) • Hand Soap • Shower Gel • Foot Care Bath • Relaxing Bath • Inhalation • Baby Care • Pet Shampoo • Plant Protection • Fruit Cleaner • Hand Dishwashing Detergent • Stain Remover • Hand Wash • Brush Cleaner

Moisten your hands with water, add a few drops (about 4-5) to your palms, lather the soap, and distribute it over the body areas to be cleaned. More detailed instructions for the various applications can be found on our 18-in-1 flyer.

Notes: Avoid contact with eyes! The soap is for external use only. If your skin is very sensitive and/or prone to allergic reactions, we recommend testing a small amount of the product before using larger quantities. The soap may turn cloudy when exposed to cold temperatures. This will disappear once it reaches room temperature. If the soap dries out, we recommend adding a suitable amount of water. This will also help dissolve soap residues from the bottle and use the product completely. The added essential oils are only for scent purposes. According to the law, we cannot and may not provide medical information regarding the various effects of essential oils.

INCI: Aqua, Potassium Cocoate (Saponified Coconut Oil*‡), Potassium Palm Kernelate (Saponified Palm Kernel Oil*‡), Potassium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil*‡), Glycerin*, Potassium Hempate (Saponified Hemp Oil*), Potassium Jojobate (Saponified Jojoba Oil*), Parfum (natural almond aroma), Citric Acid (Citric Acid), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

  • From controlled organic cultivation ‡ Fair Trade certified

Seals: Natrue Organic Cosmetics, Certified Natural Cosmetics BDIH, fair for life, Vegan, Leaping Bunny, USDA Organic, World Fair Trade Organization, Non-GMO Project

Inhaltsstoffe "Dr. Bronner's Flüssigseife Mandel 475ml"
Aqua, Potassium Cocoate (Verseiftes Kokosöl*‡), Potassium Palm Kernelate (Verseiftes Palmkernöl*‡), Potassium Olivate (Verseiftes Olivenöl*‡), Glycerin*, Potassium Hempate (Verseiftes Hanföl*), Potassium Jo­jobate (Verseiftes Jojobaöl*), Parfum (natürliches Mandelaroma), Citric Acid (Zitronensäure), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) * Aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau ‡ Fair Trade zertifiziert
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