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Frequently asked questions about the zero waste cycle (FAIR SQUARED)

We depend on you as a consumer to implement our Zero-Waste-System. Only if you return the glasses and other reusable containers to us, the circle closes. For this reason, we have summarised all the questions we receive here. If you have any further questions, please check or send us an email to


How do I send the jars back to you?

If you have collected jars to send to us, just make sure that you rinse them first and that they arrive undamaged. You can simply put some newspaper in the box so that the jars are protected from rough knocks.


Please use the following address for your package:

Hermann-Heinrich-Gossen-Str. 4
50858 Cologne


Will you reimburse me for the return postage?

No, but we have thought of another way: As an incentive for the return, we will give you a €10 voucher for your next purchase in our shop So if you send us at least 10 jars, bottles or metal cans (total number), we'll be happy to send you a shopping voucher. Just be sure to leave your email address in the package.


Do you also take back damaged jars?

Because we cannot reuse them, we ask that you do not return damaged containers to us. Simply throw them into the designated glass containers.


Should I send the jars back to you with labels?

You do not need to remove the labels from the jars to return them. Rather, we ask that you leave them on, as we have them professionally recycled.


I would like to return the Zero-Waste jars to you. How do I receive the voucher?

As a small thank you for your collection campaign, we will send you a 10 Euro voucher for if you send us 10 or more jars. Please include your e-mail address in the package so that we can send you the voucher.


What happens to the insert in the lid?

As part of our switch to zero waste, we have developed inserts made of fairly traded natural rubber, which have been in use since 2020. The innovative rubber inserts are 100% biodegradable and can also be reused when participating in the reusable system. Alternatively, we recommend disposal via organic or residual waste.


Can I assume that the jars will also be hygienically clean when they are reused?

Of course you can. We have an experienced service provider on our side who assures us that the jars are put into a hygienically perfect condition before they are refilled. This is just as important as refilling reusable bottles for drinks, for example.


Can I donate the value of the voucher to a good cause?

Yes, gladly. We also offer this option. Instead of issuing you a voucher for our shop, we can also donate the amount of 10 euros to one of our two partner projects as part of our carbon offset. Together with ClimatePartner, we support a drinking water supply project in Odisha, India, as well as a marine protection project that collects and recycles marine plastic. If you would like to donate the amount, please also let us know briefly on a note in the package.