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FAIR ZONE Self Watering Spikes Mini 4er FAIR ZONE Self Watering Pots
The Self Watering Spikes act as a water dispenser. When the potting soil is dry, the water passes through the clay spike into the soil until it is sufficiently watered. Clay has the property to store water and gradually release it. Thus,...
€12.95 *
FAIRVEDA Ayurvedische Gesichtssauna aus Ton - Steam Inhealer FAIRVEDA Ayurvedische Gesichtssauna aus Ton -...
FAIRVEDA Ayurvedic Clay Facial Sauna - Steam Inhealer More than just hot air: the facial sauna from Fairveda offers countless benefits for you and your skin. A facial sauna is the new trend must-have for your beauty equipment. Not only...
€59.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Haarschere FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Hair Scissors
Made of stainless recycled steel, the Cycled Steel hair scissors offer you reliable quality. They have a high-quality, matt finish and an ergonomic finger hook. First-class for cutting and modelling your desired hairstyle. The two...
€18.95 *
FAIR ZONE Zahnbürstenständer "Vulkan" FAIR ZONE Toothbrush Stand "Volcano
The fairly produced toothbrush volcanoes are made in Sri Lanka from collected plastic bottles. You can simply put the colorful one down and place your Zero Waste toothbrush in it with the handle down so that the bristles can air dry....
€4.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Nagelschere FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Nail Scissors
The Cycled Steel nail scissors are made from recycled stainless steel in Pakistan. The scissors are sharp and cut toenails and hand nails cleanly. The nail scissors with curved cutting edge are also suitable for cutting small hairs or...
€12.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Fußnagelzange FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Toenail Nippers
The Cycled Steel toenail nippers cut whole nails and are ideal for removing deeply ingrown nails in problem areas with the slim head shape. The slightly curved shape of the cutting surface helps to shorten and shape the nails optimally....
€14.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Hautschere FAIR SQUARED Tactile Steel Cuticle Scissors
Sturdy and extra sharp cuticle scissors made of recycled steel from Pakistan. The high-quality slightly curved sharp cutting surface makes these scissors a long-lasting companion. Ideally suited for removing cuticles and other skin...
€12.95 *
FAIR ZONE Kamm Recycled Plastic FAIR ZONE Comb Recycled Plastic
The recycled plastic pocket comb has rounded teeth for smooth and comfortable combing. With the practical pocket comb, you can comb through your hair effortlessly without scratching your hair or scalp. The fairly produced combs are made...
€3.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Nagelfeile FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Nail File
With the Cycled Steel nail file you are always perfectly equipped, whether you are travelling, at work or at home. The file has a coarse-grained and a fine-grained side for shortening and smoothing nails, as well as a tip for cleaning...
€6.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Pinzette FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Tweezers
The slanted tip makes the Cycled Steel tweezers the ideal instrument for plucking unwanted facial hair, but also for removing split ends. The slanted tweezers are made of high-quality recycled stainless steel and impress with their easy...
€9.95 *
FAIR ZONE Schmuckteller Kithul FAIR ZONE Jewellery Plate Kithul
Handmade decorative plate made of kithul wood. It is made on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Products of this type of wood are made exclusively from kithul palms, which are no longer used for agriculture. The palm is used in many ways;...
€24.95 *
FAIR ZONE Zahnbürstenhalter aus Kithul FAIR ZONE Toothbrush Holder from Kithul
Fairly handmade toothbrush mug made of kithul wood. Decorative, functional and versatile. Don't just store your toothbrushes in the interestingly patterned tumbler. It can also be used as a decorative element, decorated with dried...
Content 1 Stück
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Seifenkäfig FAIR ZONE Soap Cage
The soap cage is suitable for solid dish soap and other solid soap products. It reduces plastic in the household and is rustproof. The long handle makes it easy to use in warm dishwater. The use of solid soaps is the perfect economical...
Content 1 Stück
€14.95 *
FAIR ZONE Seifenschale Kithul Holz 10,6 x 16 cm WAVES Beach Break Size 10 - EU 43/44
Sporty and classic toe separates to match plain shorts, dresses or swimwear. Properties: Natural rubber: certified by FAIR RUBBER e.V.: Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and therefore leaves no harmful traces in nature. Adaptable:...
€17.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Coconut 240 ml FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Coconut 240 ml
The FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel pampers the skin with the scent of sun-ripened coconuts and soothing olive oil. The combination of Fairtrade coconut oil and Fairtrade olive oil cleanses with a gentle foam without drying out. The natural skin...
Content 0.24 Liter (€41.46 * / 1 Liter)
€9.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Apricot 240 ml FAIR SQUARED Lip Balm Shea 20 gr.
The rich FAIR SQUARED Lip Balm Shea contains fairly traded apricot kernel oil, almond oil and shea butter and smells seductively of vanilla. Specially formulated to meet the needs of chapped lips. Properties Natural protection and care...
Content 0.24 Liter (€41.46 * / 1 Liter)
€9.95 *
FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Lime 240 ml FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Lime 240 ml
FAIR SQUARED Shower Gel Lime with a pleasant fragrance and particularly skin-caring. -The shower gel with rich olive oil and fairtrade lime. The Fairtrade olive oil is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The Fairtrade...
Content 0.24 Liter (€41.46 * / 1 Liter)
€9.95 *
FAIR ZONE Duschmatte FAIR ZONE Shower Mat
Bath mat produced from fair-trade, FSC®-certified natural rubber in size 56 x 56 cm. Provides more safety in the bathroom - easy cleaning - perfect size for the shower tray.
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Badematte FAIR ZONE Bath Mat various colours
The bath mat in size 76 x 34 cm is made of fair-trade, FSC©-certified natural rubber. For more safety in the bathroom with strong anti-slip suction cups. The mat has a perfect size for the bathtub and is machine washable. Each mat is CO2...
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Seifenschale Khitul Holz 8x11 FAIR ZONE Soap Tray Kithul 8 x 11 cm
On the south coast of Sri Lanka, our soap dishes are handmade from kithul palms. Kithulk is a very strong wood with a beautiful grain. Only kithul palms are used, which are no longer used agriculturally. The palm tree is used in many...
€15.95 *