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Zero waste shopping

Zero packaging & online shopping – does that really work?

Certainly you’ve already come across the question whether zero waste and shopping online could really go hand in hand. That’s why we’d like to tell you how we from have found an answer to this topic.

No packaging = no worries?
Without packaging, most things would be easier and way more ecological – wouldn’t they? To be honest, there is not really a way to spare wrapping when it comes to crop or even detergents. At the latest, when the products make their way from producers to vendors, most products have to be protected from external influences and damages.

Local store vs. online shop
Actually, opposed to general belief, the ecological footprint of local stores is not necessarily bigger than the one from e-commerce. This is due to the fact that various products in small local shops first have to get there from different spots. And even if the customer doesn’t see the packaging, this doesn’t mean that there had been none.

What do we do for your eco-friendly order?
Since we like to act responsibly with regard to the resources of the planet, we have decided to follow the zero-waste path. That is why we have found a way to let the glass containers of our sustainable cosmetics circulate and furthermore seek for other options to go green in all our processes.