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RICE & CARRY Picknick Decke / Picnic Blanket (120x180cm) RICE & CARRY Picnic Blanket 120x180cm
A quite unusual picnic blanket – with insulating and moisturerepellent bottom made of rice bags. Welcome, outdoor season! The bottom can be taken off for cleaning. The cloth can be separately machine-washed (30 °C). Width 115 cm, height...
€99.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kochschürze Rice & Carry Kitchen Apron
Our Cookong and grilling apron is a Splash of colour for the kitchen. Hand-woven in Sri Lanka by RICE & CARRY. The upcycled buckles made from collected palstic from the coast of Sri Lanka are a real eye-catcher. Each apron is unique....
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Storage Bags Set of 2 RICE & CARRY Storage Bags 2er
Instead of always storing everything in plastic bags, this already well-proven alternative is now available: these storage bags can be used for shopping for fruit, vegetables and bread as well as for storing cables. But the bag also...
€24.95 *
RICE & CARRY Sari Falttasche / Saree Bag 2er Rice & Carry Sari folding bag 2 pieces
Just like our Furoshikis, these folding bags are made by our partner Rice & Carry from worn and cleaned saris in Sri Lanka. At least two different saris are always sewn together. The small pocket, into which large ones are folded, is...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Tasche Cover 10'' RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Tasche Cover 10''
Outside jute with different, colourful motifs (from lion to lotus flower), inside cotton fabric and in between a thin layer of foam. Size: 10", 28 x 21 cm
€34.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Einkaufstasche RICE & CARRY Jute shoulder bag
Stylish and sturdy - the shoulder bag is suitable for shopping. The inner lining is sewn from a cotton fabric. Dimensions: 32 x 38 x 10 cmm
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Strandtasche RICE & CARRY Jute Tote
Stylish and sturdy - the large shopper is suitable for a day at the beach. The lining is sewn from a cotton fabric. Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 18 cm
€49.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tasche RICE & CARRY jute pouch
All your most important utensils fit into this minimalist cosmetic bag. The mix of recycled spice bags and cotton fabrics looks chic and casual at the same time. height 13 cm, width 23 cm
€17.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Münzbörse RICE & CARRY Jute coin purse
Jute on the outside, lined with hand-woven cotton fabric on the inside. Dimensions: 13 x 9 cm
€12.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Mäppchen RICE & CARRY Jute pencil case
Ideal for travel – the featherweight pencil case is perfect for university, work and school. Make the difference and support Rice & Carry with this upcycling pencil case.
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Laptop Tasche RICE & CARRY laptop or table bag
Outside jute with different, colourful motifs (from lion to lotus flower), inside cotton fabric and in between a thin layer of foam. Available in four sizes, according to your needs: - cover 10", 28 x 21 cm - cover 13", 33 x 24 x 2 cm -...
From €34.95 *
RICE & CARRY 2 Edelstahl-Strohhalme plus Bürste in Tasche RICE & CARRY 2 stainless steel straws + brush...
The optimal alternative to plastic drinking straws. The brush provided is for cleaning, but the straws can also be washed in the dishwasher without any problems. The bag consists of a rice sack, lined inside with hand-woven, undyed...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Pommes to Go Rice & Carry French Fries to Go
A key ring that has it all: Inside is a French fries picker made from a sustainable raw material that can accompany you to any street party or festival. So you always have your cutlery with you for the small hunger in between....
€15.95 *
RICE & CARRY Festival Essential Anhänger Rice & Carry Festival Essentials Tag
Reduced to its minimum, but without being boring. The Festival Essential Tag is a small bag for everything essential as money, chewing gums, and ear plugs. With a key ring for hands-free actions on every concert. Width 13 cm, height 13 cm.
€5.95 *
RICE & CARRY Schlüsselanhänger / Key ring Rice & Carry Key ring
Robust key tag made of recycled materials: the Rice & Carry Key Ring. The buckle is made of collected bottle caps (HDPP), the belt has been manufactured from rice bags. Width 3 cm, length 18 cm.
€6.95 *
RICE & CARRY Brotkorb / Bread Basket Rice & Carry Bread Basket
Really space-saving and stylish: the bread basket made of recycled rice bags. With a removable cloth at the inside which can be machine-washed at 30 °C. Height 12 cm, diameter 18 cm.
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Flaschen Kühler / Bottle Cooler (38x33cm) RICE & CARRY Bottle Cooler
The Bottle Cooler made of recycled rice bags keeps its promise: the inside stays cool. Perfect for the next picnic in the park. Height 33 cm, diameter 8 cm.
€29.95 *
RICE & CARRY Getränkeuntersetzer / Coaster 4er Rice & Carry Coaster 4 pieces
Give rice bags a second chance! For example as a coaster. The colourful coasters are reinforced by a bottom made of raffia. 12 cm x 12 cm.
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Strandtasche / Beach Tote (34x34x16cm) RICE & CARRY beach bag 36 x 36 x 18 cm
For all longer tours we recommend the Rice & Carry Shopper L which also cuts a fine figure by the lake. Width 34 cm, height 34 cm, depth 16 cm.
€29.95 *
RICE & CARRY Federmäppchen / Pencil Case Rice & Carry Pencil Case
Whether at school, university or on a business trip – with this pencil case everything is well stored what needs to be kept handy. Width 24 cm, height 15 cm, depth 7 cm.
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Gürteltasche / Bum Bag (25x16x4cm) Rice & Carry Bum Bag 21 x 13 x 5 cm
Here you can store anything that suits in a common bum bag. The only difference: this bag comes from a fair trade project in Sri Lanka which applies a second chance to discarded rice bags. Width 21 cm, height 13 cm, depth 5 cm.
€34.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kosmetiktasche / Cosmetic Bag (13x21x6cm) RICE & CARRY Cosmetic Bag
Enough space for the tooth brush and the favourite cream. The cosmetic bag by Rice & Carry is perfectly storing all needed things for going on a journey. Width 23 cm, height 14 cm, depth 6 cm.
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Sandwichtasche Rice & Carry Lunch Bag
Space-saving and fair: the foldable and reusable sandwich bag. With this, lunch time is twice as joyful. Width 22 cm, height 17 cm, depth 9 cm.
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Yogamattentasche / Yoga Mat Bag (70x16cm) RICE & CARRY yoga mat bag 70 x 16 cm
Absolutely sustainable: The own yoga mat can be easily carried within this Rice & Carry bag. Emission-free, fair and eco-friendly. The yoga mat bag fits the FAIRMOVE yoga mat with a length of 176cm. Length 70 cm, diameter 16 cm, length...
€29.95 *
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