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FAIR ZONE Seed Tray XL- Saatgutschale XL 9fach- FSC 100% NC- COC - 029595 FAIR ZONE Seed Tray XL 9
Discover the large-format version of the FAIR ZONE Seed Tray now - ideal for strong seedlings with a large root system such as tomatoes or other plants that require more space. Key data at a glance: 9 cells for efficient plant...
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Gummiringe 70 g FAIR ZONE Rubber Bands Length 70g
Discover our eco-friendly rubber rings that don't use traditional rubber! Instead, they are made from 100% natural Sri Lankan rubber and come in eco-friendly paper boxes. We offer these rubber rings in a variety of sizes, each in...
Content 0.07 Kilogramm (€70.71 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€4.95 *
FAIR ZONE ECO Pflanzen & Kabelbinder 100gr Box FAIR ZONE ECO Plant & Cable Tie 100 gr. Box
The versatile plant and cable ties are made of fairly traded natural rubber. Plants can be easily attached to climbing sticks with these ties. They can also be used as cable ties. The practical locking hook ensures that they are just as...
€5.75 *
WELLMOMENT Blumentopf Grau 22x22x34cm WELLMOMENT Gray Flower Pot (22x22x34cm)
Immerse your plants in a touch of elegance with the WELLMOMENT Gray Flower Pot (22x22x34cm). This stylish flower pot seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic design, creating a perfect symbiosis for your home or office. The...
€24.99 *
FAIR ZONE Badematte FAIR ZONE Bath Mat various colours
The 76 x 34 cm bath mat is made from fair trade, FSC©-certified natural rubber. For more safety in the bathroom with strong anti-slip suction cups. The mat is the perfect size for the bath and is machine washable. Natural rubber is a...
€19.95 *
Fair Zone Anzucht Untersetzer Fair Zone Anzucht Untersetzer
Our seed tray, made from fair trade natural rubber, provides an easy and practical way to grow your own plants from seed. The tray is pliable, yet sturdy and break-resistant, allowing for long-lasting use. Made of natural rubber, the...
From €10.95 *
FAIR ZONE Badematte weiß 96x34- FSC 100% NC- COC - 029595 FAIR ZONE bath mat white 96x34- FSC 100%
Discover the generous XL bath mat measuring 96 x 34 cm. Made from fair trade, FSC®-certified natural rubber, it is not only a stylish accessory for your bathroom, but also offers increased safety thanks to its robust anti-slip suction...
€24.99 *
FAIR ZONE Gummieimer FAIR ZONE Gummieimer
Experience the FAIR ZONE rubber bucket, made from high-quality Fair Rubber natural rubber. This product is not only characterised by its environmentally friendly material, but also offers a wide range of applications. The compact and...
€19.95 *
Göttin des Glücks Raumduft Kerze Aprikose 80g Göttin des Glücks Raumduft Kerze Aprikose 80g
Natural Fairtrade room scent experience with our "Goddess of Happiness" room scent candle. Transform your home into an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing with our "Goddess of Happiness" scented candle. Our handcrafted candle has been made...
€14.95 *
Kokoblock 750g Kokoblock 750g
The environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, peat-based potting soil is the coco block. This block is compact, light and easy to transport. By adding water, it increases its volume by seven to eight times and thus produces...
€10.55 *
Kokoblock 6x 750g Kokoblock 6x 750g
The environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, peat-based potting soil is the coco block. This block is compact, light and easy to transport. By adding water, it increases its volume by seven to eight times and thus produces...
€44.99 *
FAIR ZONE Kokosnuss Vogelhaus (Lochgröße 32mm) FAIR ZONE coconut bird house (hole size 32mm)
Handmade birdhouse made of coconut to hang for garden or balcony. The bird house serves as a species protection product and as a feeder. It is made of a single whole coconut. The shell of the nut is carved to act as a roof. The...
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Self Watering Spikes Mini 4er FAIR ZONE Self Watering Pots
The Self Watering Spikes act as a water dispenser. When the potting soil is dry, the water passes through the clay spike into the soil until it is sufficiently watered. Clay has the property to store water and gradually release it. Thus,...
€12.95 *
FAIR ZONE Saatgutschale XL mit Tablett - FSC 100% NC- COC - 029597 FAIR ZONE Saatgutschale XL mit Tablett - FSC...
This seed tray has been improved to offer the best possible experience when growing your customers' plants. New in this version is the coaster in the form of a practical tray. Made from FSC-certified natural rubber, this tray...
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Pair of Gloves bulk- Haushaltshandschuhe Size / Grösse XL - 12 Paar lose FAIR ZONE household gloves Size / size XL - 12...
The household classic made from fair trade, FSC® certified natural rubber. Cotton flocked interior for maximum comfort. Reusable, durable and Fair Rubber certified.
Content 12 Paar
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Garden Bag Large FAIR ZONE Garden Bag Medium
The fairly produced garden bag made from upcycled rice sacks is suitable for damp grass, twigs, dry leaves or roots. It is robust and tear-resistant due to the reinforced cross seams. Garden waste can therefore be transported very well....
Content 1 Stück
From €12.71 * €14.95 *
FAIR ZONE Kokosknoepfe 4er FAIR ZONE Kokosknoepfe 4er
These round brown craft buttons are made from the outer shell of coconut. Each button may look slightly different because it is a natural product. Variations in color, intensity and scratches in the button are normal due to the material...
€4.95 *
RICE & CARRY  Gartenschürze RICE & CARRY Garden apron
The market bag was made from discarded rice sacks - inside there is a small zip pocket. Thanks to the material of the recycled rice bags, the bag is very robust and repels dirt. Features: durable made from rice sacks tear-resistant...
From €33.96 * €39.95 *
FAIR ZONE Einweghandschuhe Größe M 20 Stück - FSC 100% NC- COC - 029595 FAIR ZONE disposable gloves size M 20 pieces -...
Discover the sustainable alternative for latex disposable gloves: Sustainably made from FSC® certified natural rubber. Each glove is carbon neutral through CO2 neutralizing projects 100% fair trade natural rubber, free of thiuram CE...
€2.95 *
FAIR ZONE Pflanztopf Untersetzer LARGE Fresh Green 1er- FSC 100% NC- COC - 029595 FAIR ZONE Plant Pot Coaster LARGE Fresh Green...
Plastic-free gardening - With Fair Zone With FAIR ZONE coasters you can successfully tackle the project "plastic-free gardening"! The coasters are extremely sturdy and resistant to heat and cold. They perfectly match the plant pots from...
From €7.95 *
Haushaltshandschuhe 5er Links Large Haushaltshandschuhe 5er Links Large
Like for our coasters, discarded rice bags have been combined with raffia at the bottom. The result are these stylish and unique place mats. Width 45 cm, height 33 cm.
From €6.76 * €7.95 *
FAIR ZONE Pflanztopf RUBIPOT Small Black FAIR ZONE Rubber-Pot Small
Plastic-free gardening - With FAIR ZONE plant pots you can successfully start the project "plastic-free gardening"! The plant pots are extremely stable and resistant to heat and cold. Instead of cheap plastic in the organic garden, we...
€2.95 *
FAIR ZONE Pflanztopf RUBIPOT Large Black FAIR ZONE Plant pot LARGE Fresh Green 1er - FSC...
Discover plastic-free gardening with the FAIR ZONE plant pot LARGE Fresh Green. With this flower pot you can successfully start the project "plastic-free gardening". The plant pot is extremely sturdy and resistant to both heat and cold....
€19.95 *
FAIR ZONE Aufbewahrungstasche/Schutzhülle für Sitzkissen und Polster (126x48x46) FAIR ZONE Aufbewahrungstasche/Schutzhülle für...
The seat cushion storage bag by FAIR ZONE combines functionality, style and sustainability in a unique design. This practical bag was created to store seat cushions in style while making a valuable contribution to the environment. With a...
€25.46 * €29.95 *
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