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FAIR ZONE Self Watering Pots

€12.95 *

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  The Self Watering Spikes act as a water dispenser. When the potting soil is dry, the water... more
The Self Watering Spikes act as a water dispenser. When the potting soil is dry, the water passes through the clay spike into the soil until it is sufficiently watered. Clay has the property to store water and gradually release it. Thus, the soil remains permanently moist. The spikes are great for watering during the vacations. They fit many different sized long neck bottles and support healthy plant growth. 
  • Spike mini single: 15mm height
  • Diameter outer rim: 48mm
  • Diameter inner rim: 36mm
  • Spike mini box : 165mm height / width and depth: 115mm
  • Weight spike single: ca. 70gr.
  • Weight box with 4: approx. 500gr.
  • made of clay (attention fragile) 
  • not frost resistant
  1. Water the water dispenser for 1-2 hours
  2. Insert the water spike carefully into the soil
  3. Put a glass bottle filled with water on the spike and the watering is done
  4. Let the spikes dry in winter. The product is not frost resistant. 
The water dispenser is made from the red clay of Sri Lanka. Pottery is a long-standing tradition there, and clay plays a major role in everyday life in Sri Lanka. Cooking pots are made from it, and it is also used in house construction. Currently, potteries are supported by the government to offer workshops for young people. In this way, the craftsmanship can be maintained.

Packaging: The spikes are separated in the carton by a cardboard cross inside, as well as the top and bottom each protected by a rubber mat shockproof.
Clay items: When reselling, secure shipping must be provided by the retailer.
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