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RICE & CARRY Platzdecke 2er Rice & Carry Place Mat set of 2 pieces
Like for our coasters, discarded rice bags have been combined with raffia at the bottom. The result are these stylish and unique place mats. Dimensions: width 45 cm, height 33 cm The rice bags are made of 100% polypropylene. (Hand wash)
€24.95 *
RICE & CARRY Platzdecke 2er RICE & CARRY Platzdecke 2er Set
Like for our coasters, discarded rice bags have been combined with raffia at the bottom. The result are these stylish and unique place mats. Width 45 cm, height 33 cm.
€24.95 *
RICE & CARRY  Upcycle Seifentasche RICE & CARRY Upcycle Soap Bag
From the Rice & Carry collection, for globetrotters and everyone who does not want to forego their soap bars during travelling: The Upcycle Soap Bag. It is made from collected rice bags and is perfect for storing the foamy soap bar....
€3.95 *
RICE & CARRY  Gartenschürze RICE & CARRY Garden apron
The sustainable option when it comes to gardening: stylish bib apron with pocket on the front, recycled rice bags. The buckle with which the neck strap can be adjusted is made of 100% recycled plastic. The accessory made from recycled...
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kühltasche 18 x 28 x 19 cm RICE & CARRY Cooler Bag
The ultra-light cool bag in various colours is the ideal companion for balmy summer evenings and extensive picnics outdoors. Equipped with two robust carrying handles on the side. Features: reusable and easily foldable made of durable...
€44.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kochschürze Rice & Carry Kitchen Apron
Our Cookong and grilling apron is a Splash of colour for the kitchen. Hand-woven in Sri Lanka by RICE & CARRY. The upcycled buckles made from collected palstic from the coast of Sri Lanka are a real eye-catcher. Each apron is unique....
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€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Festival Essential Anhänger Rice & Carry Festival Essentials Tag
Reduced to its minimum, but without being boring. The Festival Essential Tag is a small bag for everything essential as money, chewing gums, and ear plugs. With a key ring for hands-free actions on every concert. Width 13 cm, height 13 cm.
€5.95 *
RICE & CARRY Pommes to Go Rice & Carry French Fries to Go
Ready for a portion of fries at any time? No problem with the practical fry fork on your key ring. Nice little gadget with added value - for French fries fans and those who want to become one. Cover made of recycled rice bag, with key...
€15.95 *
RICE & CARRY Laptop Tasche aus Jute RICE & CARRY Jute Laptop Bag
Your laptop is well protected in this unusual laptop bag, thanks to upcycled cotton fabric and an extra layer of foam. The jute bag is made from upcycled spice bags. As each bag is unique, there is no possibility to choose colours or...
From €34.95 *
RICE & CARRY Wimpel / Bunting Rice & Carry Pennant chain
Pennant chain made from upcycled rice bags in bright colours. The chain consists of 10 pennants and is weatherproof, so the perfect decorative element for the next garden party. The chain is fastened by knots on the side. Each pennant is...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Picknick Decke / Picnic Blanket (120x180cm) RICE & CARRY Picnic Blanket 115 x 170 cm
The picnic blanket with a difference - with an insulating and moisture-repellent underside made from rice sacks. Let the outdoor season come! The underside, which is made of hand-woven cotton, can be removed for washing so that the...
€99.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Münzbörse RICE & CARRY Jute coin purse
Ideal for travelling - the feather-light bag is perfect for your coins. Jute on the outside, lined with hand-woven cotton fabric on the inside. As each one is unique, there is no option to choose colours or motifs. Features: Handmade...
€12.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Tasche Cover 10'' RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Bag Cover 10''
This tablet bag is suitable for devices with a diameter of 10 inches. Your device is well protected in this extraordinary tablet bag, thanks to cotton fabric and an extra layer of foam. As each bag is unique, there is no possibility to...
€34.95 *
RICE & CARRY Strandtasche aus Jute RICE & CARRY Jute Tote
The bag is made from recycled spice bags and has a cotton lining on the inside. Whether on the beach or in the city, the bag is a real space-saver and offers you plenty of storage space. As each bag is unique, there is no option for...
€49.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Mäppchen RICE & CARRY Jute pencil case
Ideal for on the go - the featherweight pencil case is perfect for uni, work and school. Make a difference and support Rice & Carry with this hip upcycled pencil case. As each one is unique, there is no option to choose colours or...
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Seesack Rice & Carry duffel bag
Duffel bag with zipped pocket on the outside and an extra pocket compartment on the inside, plus hook for attaching a bunch of keys. Features: durable made from rice bags tear-resistant moisture repellent made in a fair trade project by...
€44.95 *
RICE & CARRY Geldbörse Rice & Carry Purse
This practical mini wallet keeps all your change together and even fits in your pocket. The perfect companion for a little shopping trip. Features: durable made from rice bags tear-resistant moisture repellent your companion for a little...
€9.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kosmetiktasche 13 x 21 x 6 cm RICE & CARRY Cosmetic Bag
This small cosmetic bag holds all the essentials you need when you're on the go. Far away from mass production and large factories, this cosmetic bag was lovingly handmade by tailors from Sri Lanka. There's room for your...
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Einkaufstasche klein 25 x 20 cm RICE & CARRY Shopper Small
Robust and stylish at the same time. This small shopper is perfect for smaller purchases. The drawstring makes the shopper easy to close and ensures that your shopping and wallet are safely stowed away. Features: extremely tear-resistant...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Getränkeuntersetzer 4er Rice & Carry Coaster
Give rice sacks a new purpose! And when they function as drink coasters. The colourful coasters have been reinforced on the back with woven raffia. Features: durable made from rice sacks tear-resistant moisture repellent made in a fair...
€4.99 *
RICE & CARRY Flaschen Kühler 38 x 33cm RICE & CARRY Bottle Cooler
The bottle cooler made from recycled rice bag keeps its promise: the additional insulating layer ensures that drinks stay nice and cool at the next picnic in the park. Features: easy to fold durable made from rice sacks tear-resistant...
€29.95 *
RICE & CARRY Turnbeutel 43 x 25 cm RICE & CARRY Drawstring Bag
Perfect for the next little trip to the beach. Ideal for everyday use - this drawstring backpack is small and light as a feather, but when it comes down to it, it offers a lot of storage space. The upcycled rice bags are very robust, so...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Yogamattentasche 70 x 16 cm RICE & CARRY yoga mat bag
If that's not sustainable: your own yoga mat can be transported wonderfully in the Rice & Carry bag. Emission-free, fair and environmentally friendly. The yoga mat bag fits the yoga mat from FAIRMOVE with a length of 176cm....
€29.95 *
RICE & CARRY Storage Hanger RICE & CARRY Storage Hanger
No matter in which room, the hanging storage by Rice&Carry, is an ideal solution to store small things. The individual compartments offer practical storage space and the Storage Hanger is also an eye-catcher in any room. Each Storage...
€14.95 *
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