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RICE & CARRY  Gartenschürze
RICE & CARRY Garden apron
Stylish bib apron with front pocket. The accessory made from recycled rice bag has space for small gardening tools.
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Storage Hanger
RICE & CARRY Storage Hanger
A real space-saver for the bathroom: the storage hanger by Rice & Carry. Separate cells for storing comb, cosmetics, and hair ties. Height 60 cm, width 25 cm.
€14.95 *
RICE & CARRY Wimpel / Bunting
Rice & Carry Flag Set
Lovely set of flags made of shiny colourful rice bags. Weather-resistant and not only in the local garden a real eye-catcher. Available with 10 flags. Size of the flags: Height 24 cm, width 19 cm; length of the chain 5.5 m
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Picknick Decke / Picnic Blanket (120x180cm)
RICE & CARRY Picnic Blanket 120x180cm
A quite unusual picnic blanket – with insulating and moisturerepellent bottom made of rice bags. Welcome, outdoor season! The bottom can be taken off for cleaning. The cloth can be separately machine-washed (30 °C). Width 115 cm, height...
€99.95 *
RICE & CARRY Kochschüze / Kitchen apron
Rice & Carry Kitchen Apron
Rice & Carry applies a new meaning to discarded rice bags, as seen in this stylish apron. The attached front pocket provides space for litte things. With adjustable straps for the neck. Width 70 cm, height 80 cm.
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Storage Bags Set of 2
RICE & CARRY Storage Bags 2er
Instead of always storing everything in plastic bags, this already well-proven alternative is now available: these storage bags can be used for shopping for fruit, vegetables and bread as well as for storing cables. But the bag also...
€24.95 *
RICE & CARRY Sari Falttasche / Saree Bag 2er
Rice & Carry Sari folding bag 2 pieces
Just like our Furoshikis, these folding bags are made by our partner Rice & Carry from worn and cleaned saris in Sri Lanka. At least two different saris are always sewn together. The small pocket, into which large ones are folded, is...
€19.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Tasche Cover 10''
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tablett Tasche Cover 10''
Outside jute with different, colourful motifs (from lion to lotus flower), inside cotton fabric and in between a thin layer of foam. Available in four sizes, according to your needs: - cover 10", 28 x 21 cm - cover 13", 33 x 24 x 2 cm -...
€34.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Einkaufstasche
RICE & CARRY Jute shoulder bag
Stylish and sturdy - the shoulder bag is suitable for shopping. The inner lining is sewn from a cotton fabric. Dimensions: 32 x 38 x 10 cmm
€39.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Strandtasche
RICE & CARRY Jute Tote
Stylish and sturdy - the large shopper is suitable for a day at the beach. The lining is sewn from a cotton fabric. Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 18 cm
€49.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Tasche
RICE & CARRY jute pouch
All your most important utensils fit into this minimalist cosmetic bag. The mix of recycled spice bags and cotton fabrics looks chic and casual at the same time. height 13 cm, width 23 cm
€17.95 *
RICE & CARRY Jute - Münzbörse
RICE & CARRY Jute coin purse
Jute on the outside, lined with hand-woven cotton fabric on the inside. Dimensions: 13 x 9 cm
€12.95 *
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